5 Best Anti Snoring Devices 2020 Reviews

Our review of 5 Best Anti-Snoring Devices

Nobody likes the sound of someone snoring, especially when they are trying to get some good night’s rest. Unfortunately, snoring is not something you can easily just halt – right? Well, believe it or not, there are a plethora of different anti-snoring devices out there and 2020 has seen some of the best of them. Technology continues to push forward and the medical community has benefited from this the most.

However, with all of the new choices, how can you know which one is the most effective? How can you tell which one is guaranteed to stop snoring? For the answers consider this list of 5 best anti-snoring devices reviews.


1. Good Morning Snore Solution

Anti Snoring Devices

This is arguably the best of the best anti-snoring devices in 2013. Where other devices will force your jaw to remain in a forward position, this one is designed to keep your tongue forward, preventing it from lapsing back into the rear end of the throat. It is the most efficient anti-snoring solution because it tackles the very reason why people snore in the first place.

People snore because the tongue and the back end of the soft tissues lapse into the throat during sleep. This causes blockage and when a person breathes, the air that flows in and out vibrates and this causes the snoring sound. By keeping the tongue forward, snoring is prevented entirely.

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2. ZQuiet


ZQuiet doesn’t do anything new or drastic but it does perform fairly well. Sometimes you don’t need to introduce new anti-snoring techniques and just handle the usual treatments with utmost care. Like other anti-snoring devices, ZQuiet treats snoring by holding the lower jaw slightly forward. By doing this it widens the opening of the throat and thus prevents soft tissue and the tongue from blocking the air passage.

What makes ZQuiet a little bit unique from the rest is its Living Hinge technology. This design allows for normal mouth movement during sleep so you won’t feel like you have an uncomfortable mouthpiece throughout the night.

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3. SnoreRx


SnoreRx is pretty popular and is on this list of the 7 best anti-snoring devices 2013 reviews for good reason – it allows for micro-adjusting. Other anti-snoring devices that hold the jaw forward usually have limited adjustments but with SnoreRx you can tweak and adjust just how far your lower jaw is inched forward. This allows for far more accurate results.

Granted, it might take some time to get the adjustment right but it does have two major benefits. First of all you can keep tweaking until you get the best results. Second is that through all these adjustments you can find that reasonable level of comfort that other jaw-adjusting anti-snoring devices cannot offer.

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4. VitalSleep


VitalSleep is perhaps the best anti-snoring device when it comes to comfort, especially when you compare it to other jaw-adjusting devices. It won’t be as comfortable as a tongue-holding device like Good Morning Snore Solution but that’s beside the point – this is a jaw-adjusting device and in that aspect, it is a pretty comfortable device.

Other anti-snoring devices are often made from plastic and a bundle of wires to hold the jaw in place. That is not the case here because instead it is crafted using a special type of customizable, form-fitting mouth piece. You can think of it much like the mouth piece used by athletes – all you have to do is heat it up in hot water and then put in your mouth. It will automatically customize its shape to fit you.

The only major downside to VitalSleep is that there aren’t a lot of credible sources relating how effective it is in reducing snores.

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5. My Snoring Solution BOGO

My Snoring Solution BOGO

Then there is the My Snoring Solution BOGO chin strap. Not everyone can use a jaw-adjusting mouthpiece, especially those with braces and other devices already in their mouth. That is where this device comes in handy and it is a very simple one at that. My Snoring Solution BOGO simply holds your jaws shut and is designed to slightly keep your jaw and tongue elevated forward. It is easy to adjust and it is very comfortable to wear. If you can’t use a mouthpiece to stop snoring then this is a great second choice.

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The Best Snoring Solution

However, if you were to look at each one, Good Morning Snore Solution is still on top of the 7 best anti-snoring devices 2013 reviews. It works by tackling the main cause of snoring by holding the tongue forward, it doesn’t lead to TMJ and other painful side effects to the jaw the way other devices do, and it is incredibly comfortable due to its material and design. If you want guaranteed results then Good Morning Snore Solution is without a doubt the best answer you could go for.