Shopping for Anti Snoring Devices – 3 Top Tips

Shopping for Anti Snoring Devices

Anti Snoring DevicesMost of us would consider snoring harmless; we even make jokes about it. In truth, snoring is an early warning that says you could be in for a lot of medical trouble, not the least of which may be a heart attack.

Snoring – or sleep apnea – happens when your tongue and soft palate both collapse on the back of your throat, reducing your breathing while you sleep. Your throat muscles vibrate and make rattling sounds which can reach to a level equal to a clogged vacuum hose.

The causes of snoring may be simple like smoking or consumption of alcohol before sleeping, stress, fatigue, being overweight or even menopausal. The use of some anti-snoring devices may provide temporary relief but it is best that you go to your doctor so he can prescribe better medication or treatment for you.



Snorers sleep poorly and the people around them end up not sleeping very well either. Although the severity of the snoring may necessitate some to consider surgery or other invasive procedures, there a number of anti-snoring devices which are available in the market to help reduce the frequency of snoring.

One of them is the anti-snoring pillow which provides neck support and ensures that your airways remain open while you’re asleep. Anti-snoring nasal strips which have been designed to stop blockage of your nasal canal, reduce congestion to provide smooth passage for air to flow. The anti-snoring spray contains some amount of aromatherapy oils to help lubricate the tissues in the back of your throat to halt them from vibrating. Designed in Australia to help you get deep and soothing sleep, the anti-snoring ring is worn on the pinkie finger; people who have used it swear by its effectiveness.

Yet still, another is the anti-snoring mouthpiece designed as oral mouldings fitted to the upper and lower jaws. You just have to boil the mouthpiece so the thermal moulding will soften, after which you can just pop it in your mouth by fitting them to your teeth.


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Even with the availability of these anti-snoring devices it still all depends on what your doctor says is the root cause of your snoring. Your doctor is the expert on what treatment and device would be the best solution for you.

It might be that you need a more intensive device such as a mask fitted over your nose to provide continuous positive airway pressure or C-PAP or another machine called the Bi-PAP, which has air at two different kinds of pressure. These anti-snoring devices treat the symptoms to keep obstruction to your airway passages.



There is relief from all these aids but as soon as they are turned off or you stop using them, your snoring is back at full speed. Addressing the situation means going to the root cause of the problem.

Any solution is only as good as its effectiveness on the problem. Not every device or product works the same way for different people. The efficiency of any treatment, be it device or therapy, would always be dependent on the severity of the condition and its underlying cause.