Snoring Remedies You Can Try

Snoring Remedies you can try to cure your snoring


Snoring RemediesSnoring may be taken by people as a joke (and the snorer as the brunt of that joke), but the consequences of ignoring it may just be serious enough for us to take a good second look at it.

When you snore, your airway is obstructed, making the passage of air from your nose all the way to your lungs difficult because the muscular walls of your tongue and throat are in a relaxed position. The tissues of these muscular walls vibrate and cause the rattling sounds associated with snoring.

Annoying as it is, snoring is actually symptomatic of a medical condition called sleep apnea that can be reduced or eliminated by a number of snoring remedies.

A Cause of Marital Discord

Snoring is definitely a nuisance and the husband or wife who snores will most certainly disrupt the other from getting a good night’s sleep. It is a fact that in the United States, a significant percentage of divorces can be attributed to either spouse snoring in sleep and snoring remedies can come in handy in situations which have come to this stage.

But more than being a source of marital discord, snoring is an indication of a serious problem known as sleep apnea (from the Greek “a pnien,” to stop breathing), characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, with each pause lasting from at least ten seconds to a few minutes.


Other Snoring Remedies

Consider losing weight as one of the snoring remedies which you can apply. Snoring is prevalent among people who are overweight. Excessive fats around the neck area tend to constrict the throat’s internal diameter, making the muscles there collapse and trigger snoring.

Sleeping on your side instead of sleeping on your back may prevent the collapse of your tongue and soft palate on your throat’s back wall, thereby eliminating the vibrating sound that signals snoring. Or put your head up and extend it on a reclined bed so as to open airway passages to facilitate a steady flow of air from your nose to your lungs. Inhibit yourself from ingesting alcohol before your sleep since it sedates your muscle tone, especially at the back of your throat. People who usually don’t snore do so after consuming alcohol steadily for two to three hours.

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is yet another of the recommended snoring remedies for those who suffer severe cases of sleep apnea. A specially designed oral device, which looks like a mouth guard usually worn by football and hockey players, is worn for the maintenance of an open airway during sleep.





If nothing works, then perhaps you should consider these other procedures, albeit invasive, to stop your snoring once and for all: surgery, tissue removal, jaw repositioning, soft palate implants and tracheotomy.

Enlarging airway passages and clearing them may come in two kinds of surgery: a nasal one which will remove polyps or fix a deviated nasal septum between your nostrils; and surgery to remove adenoids or enlarged tonsils, which could also be the cause of your snoring.